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Holographic Display

Holographic Display is a 3D looking glass less display.

The Looking Glass is powered by our proprietary 45-element light field technology, generating 45 distinct and simultaneous perspectives of three-dimensional content of any sort.

This means multiple people around a Looking Glass are shown different perspectives of that three-dimensional content—whether that’s a 3D animation, DICOM medical imaging data, or a Unity project – in super-stereoscopic 3D, in the real world without any VR or AR headgear.

No more 3D content on 2D screens. No more isolating face-hugging headsets. With the Looking Glass you can design, develop, and display 3D projects entirely in the third dimension.

Turn science fiction into your reality and effortlessly experience holographic content together without headsets.

Created by LOOKING GLASS FACTORY . Looking Glass Factory Inc, with headquarters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and additional operations in Hong Kong, started the field of Immersive Displays with the launch of their flagship product line, The Looking Glass. This unique combination of advanced hardware and software is based on the company’s patented light field technology and in 2019 became the most widely-adopted holographic display in history. Today, the company serves the holographic needs of both developers and enterprises and is committed to building the headset-free hologram-powered future we were all promised in science fiction growing up.

The Looking Glass Pro is a pricey $6,000, which includes enterprise software licenses.  But in future its should be affordable for most of us like other display device. TV, Smart phone will be common with this kind of display.

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