CES 2020 Display technology

Samsung’s microLED Display (CES 2020)

Samsung first introduced it microLED display in CES 2019 but in CES 2020 they came with more bigger display. Basically the microLED is LED with very small is size and they are arranged as modular form so that consumer can add as many as they want and can make big well TV. This year Samsung showing 292-inch microLED 8K ‘The well’ TV in CES.

In 2019 they displayed the microLED as a concept modular display but from this year consumer can actually buy them later this year. Samsung is showing 110-inch, 88-inch, 75-inch version of TV. Obviously you can make what ever size you want and they can be any dimension and resolution.

The microLED is more brighter than the OLED and also it don’t have the screen burnout problem like OLED. Obviously it have perfect black and very high bright level.

It is a modular, bezel-less MicroLED display, Samsung’s The Wall Professional features MicroLED technology that delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true color and epic clarity. Ideal for high-end retail stores, hotel lobbies, VIP stadium suites, conference rooms and more, The Wall Professional redefines what it means to deliver a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

  • Fusing an exceptionally black base with a specialized ultra-low reflection technology to deliver levels of the purest blacks
  • Two times the color purity of conventional LEDs and a wider color gamut for extremely accurate, true-to-life colors
  • Industry-leading picture quality engine with advanced HDR picture refinement, HDR10+ and more
  • Sleek, modular design lets you customize to your spatial needs and exceptional durability allows for long-lasting, reliable use

Key features

Perfect Blacks

The fusion of an exceptionally black base with a specialized ultra-low reflection technology delivers levels of the purest blacks. Unmatched black is how The Wall Professional is able to produce unparalleled contrast and spectacular detail.

True Colors, True Beauty

With two times the color purity of conventional LEDs and a wider color gamut, The Wall Professional produces extremely accurate, true-to-life colors, for an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

Greater Refinement

Experience cutting-edge innovation with MicroLED technology. The Wall Professional’s industry-leading picture quality engine—advanced HDR picture refinement, HDR10+ and more—possesses an intuitive capability to render optimum peak brightness and extremely accurate grayscale expression for true-to-life imagery.

Module Specifications

  • 0.84 mm Pixel Pitch
  • 960 x 540 Configuration (LxH)
  • 50/60 HzVideo Rate
  • 12.5 kgWeight

Physical Parameter

Pixel Pitch

0.84 mm

Diode Type

Chip On Board (CoB)

Pixel Configuration

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue

Dimensions (per Cabinet)

806.4 x 453.6 x 72.2 mm

Configuration (LxH, per Cabinet)

960 x 540

Weight (per Cabinet)

12.5 kg

This might bring a new age on display technology and in next few year we can see many people are using this. The price will be lower as Samsung start mass production and the time goes by.

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